Run Off

layoutAbout midstream in this project, I became worried about increasing my storm water run off.  Reviewing rain garden principles, I incorporated a few elements into my garden design.  1) Increased water retention capabilities in my front yard by adding depth with tilled-in compost.  2) I planted native plants along the outside perimeter to catch and filter this water.  3) I will also be adding a swale at the top of the garden later in the year (Requires more digging).   After the fall harvest, I will plant legume cover crop in the non-raised bed portion of the garden to slow down storm water. Cover crops get tilled into the soil in the spring, improving soil quality. I hope to attempt some overwinter crops under the tunnel.

I replanted my favorite herbs along the steps.  Less lavender and more edibles, like thyme. Now about some flowers….


About ifarmurban

Project Manager residing in sleepless Seattle.
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