Seattle Tilth

New urban farmers can quickly become overwhelmed. I have been reading about (or doing) this since the late 1970’s and yet I find myself researching, researching and yet more researching.  Then I take a deep breath and look for a practical solution.  Recently I took a few classes at and then joined Seattle Tilth.  Now, Seattle is known for it’s extremist greenists.  However, Seattle Tilth is full of practical people that have drilled down and parsed their lessons in urban farming into a simple methodology.  Which is why I joined and am volunteering there.  If you missed the Seattle Edible Sale, they are having another one (probably smaller) in Issaquah coming up at the end of May.  Labor day is the first day PNW’ers are suggested to set out their tomatoes.  Mine are going to be in a tunnel this year and fertilized with liquid, organic Alaska Fish Fertilizer.  Seattle has historically been a fishing community and using fish leftovers for garden fertilizer goes way back. I have noticed bypassing dogs sniff the yard’s aroma.  My cat thinks it is pretty cool too. So far our neighborhood raccoon walks right by my garden heading straight for my snail havens.  I am hoping the fabric tents discourage extended interest.


About ifarmurban

Project Manager residing in sleepless Seattle.
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