broccoli0706smWell, they aren’t nuthatches.  They are Bewick’s wrens! (I needed my field glasses to verify.) They are however still in residence and apparently have become parents, as I see them doing some serious insect catching and running to their lowly birdhouse.  I have decided not to delay planting any longer.  Figure if I limit it to some leafy greens, they will not require extensive digging (thus attracting crows) and need less tending.  I hope I don’t live to regret that last part.  The broccoli took rather more attention (and water) than I had expected.  We had our drought period arrive a month early and thus I needed to stay on top of the watering to try and stave off bolting broccoli.  Am now down to 4 plants, but with constant cuttings we are getting a good harvest from them.  To counter my water usage, I swapped out all the faucet aerators from 2.5 gpm to 1.5.  We only used 1 CCF more than last June.  Now that I have changed out the shower head to 1.5’s as well, maybe we will go back down.  Or not.  Freshly harvested veggies need to be washed. I then water the garden with the rinse water.  Wow these little birds make awesome music!


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