Harvest Distractions

tromboni072509I realize I have been posting more to my Facebook page about the vegetables I’ve been harvesting.  We’ve been eating broccoli, peas and kale for at least six weeks now.  Started pulling up Walla Walla sweet onions last week, a couple of leeks as I thinned, several nights of zuccini and crook neck squash all this July.  Looks like we will be eating tromboncino squash next week.  Sure hope it tastes good, we are having a bumper crop off of one plant (which I trellised, thank goodness!).  Tomatoes in container are forming, but not yet ripened.  I madly dashed to plant some lettuce starts in a cooler part of the garden so we would have some salad greens to eat with the tomatoe crop.  We are not big tomato eaters and prefer less acid vegetables so I only planted non-red varieties.  Aunt Ruby (green), Taxi (yellow) and Sungold cherry tomatoes (orange) in hopes they are less acid, yet just as flavorful.  We also have tomatillos, something I have never eaten but hear are tasty.  Guess like Tromboncino they are a veggie that never makes it to the store.

We are very fortunate to have a plant lady neighbor who gave us 1) the raspberry canes 2) three tomatoe plants 4) her extra tromboncino squash 5) and the tomatillos. Oh, and the nasturtiums.  Next year I need to plant salad greens earlier so I can enjoy adding nasturtiums to our salads.  Sort of ran out of space this year.  Looks like we will be having beans, squash and remainder of kale for August.  I just planted a strip for late August/September of spinach, arugula & orach.  All varieties I have never eaten before.  Surprising enough, the little 4″ pack of winter onions I never got into the ground in time have continued to grow.  So, I am starting a 3×3 onion bed in the next couple of days for planting after this heat wave passes.  Maybe I will get lucky.


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One Response to Harvest Distractions

  1. Lily says:

    wow, what a harvest! They must taste better than what you can get from a regular grocery store….got more to sell at a local farmer’s market?

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