Planting begins

peas 060310Last week cleared out some winter wash outs (leafy greens) and planted my first plot of peas. Peas, glorious peas, I did not get enough of these last year. Thus I am starting earlier, with seed and planting 4x what I did last year! Snap peas like last year plus a couple rows of Cascadia, which is expected to do well in the Puget Sound area. I may plant some leaf lettuce in between. We shall see.

What’s coming up? The fava beans are about 8 inches high. I have heard fresh off the plant fava beans are to die for, we shall see. Garlic bed continues to grow well. Am considering no-till planting of parking strip with potatoes…Beans are going where the squash was last year (I followed it in the fall with a bunch onion crop). An elderly friend of mine saved me some scarlet runners or maybe I will plant Chinese long beans?

I must order my seed potatoes. Territorial seed! (Note: The photo is an update from June 3rd. A bare box looks so lonely.)


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