Another roadside attraction?

Re-purposing our parking strip. Up until this year, our parking strip has been a dandelion infested plot of compacted grass. This spring my husband and I removed some of the sod. My sod piles have since then become master potato planting islands. At least their leaves look impressive, the word is still out whether or not there any Pontiac Red potatoes growing underneath. However, now we get to the ‘fun’ part. I finally decided how to deal with the conflicting needs for the space we left behind.

Law, necessity and greed were in conflict. People need to get out of their cars to the sidewalk. Streams need to be kept clean and the amount of runoff managed. I wanted every square foot to be edible. If I built raised beds (hardscapes), there are setbacks required. If I didn’t build raised beds, how to define the area so folks (pets) don’t trample my fruits and veggies? In the end, this is my solution. Folk can walk around the traffic circle planter, the rectangles on the sides are slightly raised, but not ‘hardscaped’. The first year I will put in vining plants that require 2′ cages and get some low growing herbs started around the edges. Once the herbs are established, I will continue to plant vertical veggies in the rectangular sidebars and maybe a perennial small shrub in the center. The herbs should help with the runoff as will my cover crops or winter plantings of kales.


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